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Service Call Checklist

Washer & Dryer

Sometimes there are easy steps you might take to resolve small issues quickly, and on occasions, even some issues that appear major may not be so major after all. Please take a moment to review this checklist before placing your service call request. We do provide FREE Service Calls on all our rental equipment due to mechanical error or malfunctioning equipment. However, we DO NOT provide free service calls for problems related to human error(s) or not knowing how to operate equipment properly. We provide a multitude of online service tips, a troubleshooting section, FAQ’s, Operational Do’s and Don’t’s and YouTube has hundreds of how to videos. If you do not know how to operate equipment, please ask us, review our online materials and watch some “how to” videos. All we ask is that you review our checklist (below) and if one of these pertains to your issue – great, problem solved; if not, submit Service Call and we will address problem ASAP. This process will, also, help keep you from having to wait on us if it’s something easily fixed by adjusting how you operate the equipment and you can continue on with the laundry; or submit call and we will come to the rescue! We’re family, so if you have any questions pick up the phone and give us a buzz – glad to help!

Please send pictures of possible damage ( and/or video, if necessary, whatever may help us solve the problem quickest for you. Example: damaged knobs, broken lent traps, shaky washers, etc…

Washer – Common Fixable Issues / Human Errors

Is your washer tub banging on the side of machine? Making a loud noise as it spins or agitates?
  1. If so, then check and make sure the clothes aren’t overloaded to one side causing it to be out of balance, thus, causing your banging noises. Simply, pause cycle, re-adjust clothes and start machine back up.
  2. Also, very common is the lack of water within the washer tub, especially if using AUTO SENSE FILL (this setting often times does not put enough water into tub). If your clothes (especially heavy items) are not fully immersed underwater then you do not have enough water in machine. If we don’t put enough water into the washer tub, the heavy weight will cause the washer tub to bang against the side of the machine – so let’s make sure we have enough water inside machine.
  3. Check and make sure no loose object(s) were left in clothing or pockets and now banging inside the washer tub.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Maximum Washer Load Capacity: ONLY FILL WASHER TUB ½ (half) to maybe ¾ (two-thirds) way to the top of the washer tub with clothing items. (Over loading will cause banging [noises within].)

If the washer has gotten louder and louder over time (sounds like a jet engine) as it spins out the water in the clothes, and not a banging sound then submit service call request – it’s time to replace the washer for you.

Do your clothes appear to have black streaks on them after washing, or dark markings?
  1. Check to see if any loose objects were left in the washer tub, or fell out of your pocket during wash such as; a pen, eyeliner pencil, marker, or automotive grease pencil.
  2. Make sure the washer isn’t overloaded. If you place too many clothes (overloading) in the washer then water cannot follow through clothes properly/freely. If your clothes rest bunched together with no water (or soap) exposure then they will not be clean – Yuck!
  3. Also, very common is the lack of water within the washer tub when using the AUTO SENSE FILL (sometimes this setting does not put enough water into tub). If we don’t put enough water into the washer tub, water can not properly flow through clothes helping to make them clean – so let’s make sure we have enough water inside machine.
Has your washer lost complete power?
  1. Check breaker box make sure breaker has not blown out or malfunctioned. If the breaker is in the off position, jiggles or is in any way loose then the breaker more than likely is not active [ON]. Turn breaker completely off and then back to the ON position. (Warning: If you are in an apartment, check with property (leasing office) before messing with their equipment [box]).
  2. Is there a broken dryer timer knob? Check knobs by simply pulling them off and looking at the underneath. If broken, we need to replace. Immediately stop using washer/dryer and submit service call request – and we will fix or replace knob.
Where is the bleach dispenser?
  1. This is usually located under the lid, in the upper front left corner of washer. DO NOT pour liquid soap into bleach dispenser. Soap will clog bleach line and will have to be replaced or thoroughly cleaned out before we can rent out again – and you will be charged for this service (see service charges, under Service Call Request Page). Only use small amounts of bleach (a little goes a long way).

Dryer – Common Fixable Issues / Human Errors

Dyer not heating well?
  1. Check and make sure Lint Trap is cleaned out (this causes dryer not to heat – disrupting flow).
  2. If dryer is very warm or hot to the touch (on top of the dryer) then you will want to contact your apartment complex or property maintenance to clean out wall ventilation line (We do not have authorization to clean out complex property). Clogged vent lines will reduce heating drastically, taking hours to dry; this is exhibited within the machine through its recycling of damp hot air.
Has your dryer lost complete power?
  1. Check breaker box and make sure breaker has not blown or malfunctioned. If it is in the off position or in the middle (not necessarily in the ON position), turn dryer breaker completely off and then back to the ON position. (Warning: If you are in an apartment, check with property (leasing office) before messing with their equipment [box]).
  2. Make sure the dryer timer dial is not set on – NO HEAT dry cycle or FLUFF cycle (aka: no heat cycle). Sometimes customers can mistakenly not realize there is a No heat cycle available on their machine.
Has a dryer knob broken? Does the dryer appear to be stopping partial way through your cycle?

DO NOT continue to use. To tell if knob has broken – pull off knob (start or timer knob), look underneath and see if damaged. If broken knob, immediately submit service call request. If you continue to use (through foreign means: pliers, wrench, ect.) this will likely ruin switch and/or timer, and you will have to pay for replacement parts and labor.

See NEW CUSTOMER INFO page or Rental Agreement for a list of charges regarding services rendered for human error(s) and/or contract violations.

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