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Review Our Checklist Before Making a Service Call

Best Choice Appliance Leasing, LLC offers free service calls in North Dallas, TX, for issues regarding rental equipment mechanical error or malfunction. Before making a service call, review our pre-service checklist and follow the steps to resolve minor issues. Many problems have easy fixes that do not require waiting on a call. With attention and care, these simple issues can be corrected quickly and conveniently. Please read carefully to see if any of the following concerns apply to you.

washer and dryer

Common Fixable Issues for the Washer

Prevent washing machine malfunctions by following the maximum load capacity of less than two-thirds to the top. Overloading causes problems and prevents the clothes from getting clean.

List of Fixable Washer Issues

Please review the following common issues and solutions before making a service call request:

Banging or Loud Noises

The clothes may be overloaded and pushed to one side. Pause the cycle, readjust the clothes, and start the cycle again. Make sure there are no loose objects inside.

Lack of Water

Avoid using “auto sense fill," as this setting does not put enough water into the tub. Make sure the clothes are fully immersed underwater to prevent overloading.

Washer Volume Increases

If the washer sounds like a jet engine as it spins, submit a service call request to get your machine replaced.

Marks on Clothes After Washing

Check to ensure no loose objects are in the washer. Avoid overloading and make sure there’s enough water for proper flow.

Loss of Power

Check your breaker box. Turn the breaker off and on again, and examine the washer for broken knobs by pulling them off and looking underneath. We can fix or replace washer knobs with a service call.

Bleach Dispenser

The bleach dispenser is in the upper front left corner of the washer. Only use a small amount of bleach. Do not pour liquid soap into the bleach dispenser, as this will clog the line resulting in charges.

washer and dryer in laundry room

Common Fixable Issues for the Dryer

Minor dryer issues can be addressed right away. However, some concerns may require additional assistance. Ensure the dryer timer dial is not set to “no heat” or “fluff cycle.” Then review the following to address your concerns and resolve any issues with your machine:

  • Not heating correctly – Clean the lint trap to allow proper airflow. If the top of the dryer is hot to the touch, you may have a clogged vent line. We cannot clean out the complex property, so contact your property maintenance to take care of this.
  • Loss of power – If your dryer has lost power, check if the breaker box has blown or malfunctioned. Turn the breaker off and on again.
  • Broken dryer knob – A broken knob can halt the dryer partway through a load. Do not continue to use the dryer if a knob has broken. Doing so may cause damage and result in fines. Pull off the knob and look underneath. If it’s broken, submit a service call request to get it replaced.

Still Have Questions?

If you still need help after reading our pre-service checklist, please submit a service call request. We will address your needs as soon as possible. If your machine has sustained possible damage, email us a photo or video to help us resolve the problem. Please remember that we do not provide free service for human error or operating difficulties. If you need to learn how to operate the equipment, review our online resources for help. Give us a call if you have any concerns. We’re happy to answer your questions.

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