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Best Choice Appliance Leasing, LLC Reviews

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Great customer service from every staff member. From calling to find out more information, to delivery & installment, to assisting me with an issue, great response time displays an excellent establishment . Delivery of equipment scheduled on time. The crew who installed the washer and dryer made sure everything was working properly before they left. Response time to emails and calls is very precise. Highly recommend Best Choice Appliance Leasing LLC.

Maria Alvarado

I have been a customer for 5 years. I truly respect their integrity friendliness professionalism and care about my needs. Every single sevice call has been prompt and efficient. Thank you and I'm glad I made the "BEST CHOICE ".

Irene Vega

Derek is great- he is patient & his customer service is outstanding.
The company as a whole is awesome & thankful to be doing business with them. You’re definitely treated like friend vs just another customer to them & it’s hard to find places like that now!

Amie Jones

This company is so efficient and easy to use! Plus great customer service! I recently moved into an apartment complex and was looking for renting a washer and dryer unit that would be inexpensive but great quality. As a college student it is difficult to balance my economics but this company worked with me without hesitation and had no problem answering all my questions. They installed my units quickly and helped me with all the necessary paperwork to make this an easy process for me! Highly recommend using their services! They are very professional and friendly!

Kimberly Tyson

I've been a customer with Best Choice for the past 3 years. All my interactions with the staff have been great. They're a great family and have taken care of me even when I've moved twice. Patricia, Richard, and Derek have all treated me well. Richard has some awesome stories and set up my equipment and made sure they worked. Thank you all and God Bless!

Arun H.

Nice company, I moved to Texas last year, in February by April I had my own place. I needed a washer and dryer asap couldn't afford a brand new set at the time so I choose this company the process was very quick and easy and delivery was in a timely manner even with the pandemic going on! do wish I had an option to make monthly payments online instead of calling in or autopay but other than that, the washer and dryer are in good condition I'm satisfied Thank you kindly!

Adrianna Johnson

Been using Best Choice Appliance Leasing for two years now for washer/dryer rentals. When we had the appliances installed, the customer service was great and the Employees showed great southern hospitality! The appliances have also fit our needs perfectly! Thanks everyone!

Aleiyah Ross

I really enjoy using Best Choice for my washer & dryer rental. I've used them for my last apartment and when I started renting a house. I've had no complaints & the equipment is really nice! Great customer service.

Carol S.

Best Choice appliances are phenomenal!
I recommend this company to anyone looking to rent or buy appliances. It's been over a year & I haven't had any problems with my washer & dryer. Thanks, Best Choice Appliances


I’ve been a customer of their’s for about 2 1/2 yrs now. They are very straight forward with their billing. They send you an email reminder before every payment. I will definitely refer them to anyone that is needing to rent appliances!

Ancey Anderson

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