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washer and dryer

Our Special Promotions

From time to time we will have appliances that we need to sell off such as:

  • Washer
  • Dryer
  • Refrigerator
  • Range/Stove

Look here for information on unit(s) and fill out this short form if you are interested in a special that is listed on this page.

washer and dryer in laundry room

New Items for Sale


Model # Standard Full Size Washer
Dryer Set 3.5-4.0 cu ft Dual Action Agitator Washer 8 Cycles
5 Temperature Selections
Delicate Cycle included
Bleach Dispenser

Model # Standard Full Size Dryer 6.0 – 7.0 cu ft Capacity Aluminized Alloy Drum 11 Cycles
3 Heat Selections
Easy Care Cycle
64 ft vent length

Estimated Purchase Price: $1099.00 + $90.67 (tax) = $1,189.67
With Delivery and Install: $63.87 (fee) + $1189.67 = $1,253.54

Used Items for Sale

Item # SP-HSWP3

*This is a standard household washer/dryer set.
Washer Model # HSWP1000M3WW: 3.8 cu ft tub / Wash Cycles 9 / Temperature
Cycles 3 / Load Size 3
Dryer Model # HTDX100ED2WW: 6.5 cu ft. Aluminum Alloy Drum / Temperature
settings 3 / Cycles 6 / Extra Large Capacity

Used Appliance Cost:
$389.00 + $32.09 (tax) = $421.09
w/ Delivery/Install: $69 + $421.09 = $490.09

Used Items for Sale

Item # SP-REFRIG18_W

*GE Top Freezer – Refrigerator
18.0 cu ft. Refrigerator with ice maker. Great household model that may be
used inside or out in the garage as a secondary unit.

Used Appliance Cost:
$250.00 + $20.63 (tax) = $270.63
w/ Delivery/Install: $59 + $270.63 = $329.63

Contact Us Today

Please fill out the following information if you want us to contact you about one of the units on this Special Promotions page. You can also call us directly at 972-516-4233. We appreciate the opportunity to serve you!

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